Ice-Bite Liquid Ice Melt

Ice  BiteMaking Winter Roads Safer for 10 Years!

Sugar Beet based anti-icing / de-icing liquids. Environmentally friendly - 100% Organic - Passes all PNS Specs.

ICE BITE anti-icing and de-icing fluid is a natural, agricultural product that features ice control performance equal or superior to traditional brines, but less corrosive.

ICE BITE anti-icing fluid is derived from a renewable sugar beet source and provides a versatile ice control process that is an attractive choice where environmental concerns are important.

ICE BITE mixes well with traditional brines, natural brines and magnesium chloride and can be used as stockpile treatment pre-wetting agent and in anti-icing de-icing liquid programs.


  • Lower overall lane mile cost
  • Proven residual effect
  • Starts deicing process immediately
  • Mixes with any brine
  • Reduces bounce and scatter
  • Improves melting efficiency
  • Raises solids concentration
  • Helps prevent Black Ice
  • Reduces equipment corrosion
  • Does not stain carpets
  • Prevents salt piles from clumping and freezing

Anti-Icing: 25-35 Gallons Per Lane Mile (Blended with salt brine)*

De-icing: 45-50 Gallons Per Lane Mile (Blended with salt brine)*

Stockpile Treatment: 6 Gallons Per Ton

Prewetting: 6 Gallons Per Ton

Ice-Bite Liquid Ice Melt is available in:

  • 55 or 270 gallon poly drums
  • 2,000, 3,000 or 4,400 gallon tankers


* Salt Brine Blends range from 10% Ice Bite 90% Salt Brine to 40% Ice Bite 60% Salt Brine

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