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Maxium  SaltDo you believe winter road crews could finish faster and more efficiently if your material worked longer and at lower temperatures? Can roadways be safer while using a material that reduces corrosion? Can a single change in your winter program make a measurable impact on your reputation of providing safety and service?

Maximum Salt is the material you’ve been looking for with the advantages that make a difference. Maximum Salt is less corrosive than rock salt, eliminates bonding of ice and hardpack and, because you reduce harmful chlorides, you greatly reduce overall corrosion to your equipment, infrastructure and private assets. A longer dilution time means it works longer and at lower temperatures, and that saves costly reapplications. All this adds up to reducing the amount of salt or grit applied per lane mile while improving the level of service and increasing savings.

Maximum Salt is the most advanced technology available for dealing with winter headaches. You’ve squeezed every minute out of your crew and every penny out of your budget. Now make the most of your material with Maximum Salt.


  • Application Amount - Up to 40% less per lane mile
  • Bounce and Scatter - Reduced 40-60%
  • Low Temp Effectiveness - Works at up to 25 degrees F
  • Clumping/Freezing - Reduced
  • Environmental Protection - Complies with Storm Water Acts
  • Effective Application Rate - 250lbs per lane mile
  • Corrosion of Metal - Reduced up to 70%
  • Working Time - Up to 30% faster than rock salt
  • Labor Cost - Reduced
  • Infrastructure Protection - Increased
  • Delivery - Available in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan

Maximum Salt is available in:

  • 50# bags (40/50# bags on a pallet)
  • 2,000# totes (A single 2,000# totes per 1 pallet)


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